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Exhibitor Load-in and Parking Information

BOOTHS ARE NUMBERED 1 to 20 at 3700 Wilshire Blvd.

LOAD-IN TIME 5:00pm-5:45pm

Reminder - Exhibitors who have not finalized booth payment will not be able to set up on Friday. Please call today to tell us of your arrangements. Thank You.


  1. Look at Exhibitor List and find your Booth#.
  2. Get directions: Plan your route, leave early enough to not get stuck in traffic.


LOAD-IN TIME 5:00pm-5:45am
Adjust your load-in time accordingly.
Take the time you need and most of all be respectful of each other. We are all here to present our best products and selves to each other and the world. We hope everyone’s looking forward to it!

Make every effort to bring your own dolly, cart or luggage roller. We cannot promise to have one available for you to borrow.

This is critically important. Earth Day Volunteers will not be responsible for your unloading process. Though they may offer to help, please do not expect them to be doing ANY lifting. Be prepared to transport your booth by bringing your own dolly, cart, luggage carrier or borrowed one. Think light, compact and easy.

Staff your booth as long as you want. Around 10:30pm you must empty it and take everything away in dollies including empty boxes, etc.

There will be Beverage Recycling containers on the festival grounds all day, please use them. Any other large amounts of trash or recycling, TAKE IT WITH YOU. Please read the Greening document How to be Green at Wilshire Earth Day, for details.
Thank you in advance for leaving only our footprints behind.

That’s it! Let's work together in a peaceful and efficient manner so everyone can get to their location with enough time.

Remember, our actions and displays reflect on the overall event and impression of the environmental movement. We want to impress the public and business owners on Wilshire Blvd. Anything you can do to make your business of loading in and out self-sufficient will make the event go easier for all.

We hope you have already provided the mobile phone numbers of people staffing your booth on Friday. If not, please send them by email. info@wilshirecenter.com

Participating & Supporting Organizations