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Energy Conservation and Saving Money


We need to begin reducing our global warming carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as individuals by at least 2% a year over the coming years by reducing our utility consumption, and becoming zero waste individuals by reducing, reusing and recycling. The following steps will get us there - 80% reduction of CO2 by 2050.

Step 1: Take the “Cool Individual” Pledge: The first step toward curbing global warming is to ask yourself and your family to sign on to a 2% Solution Climate Reduction Pledge. This pledge sets the goal of reducing you and your family’s global warming carbon dioxide footprint (CO2) by at least 2 percent a year for each of the next 40 years.

Step 2: Conduct a Global Warming Emissions Inventory: This step is to conduct an inventory of your current global warming emissions. This information will identify the major CO2 sources (and the greatest opportunities for reductions), and will provide a baseline to judge your progress towards the goal. One could possibly receive assistance to conduct a global warming emissions inventory from a variety of sources on the web. The City, Edison, Gas Co., State and Federal Government have web sites that can assist. There are some rebates and incentive programs. The State has a good one: www.fypower.org. For saving water, there are suggestions at: www.bewaterwise.com.

Step 3: Create a Solutions Plan: While working on the global warming inventory, develop a solutions plan to reduce emissions while lowering energy costs. The energy solutions plan includes six important strategies: Green Vehicles, Public Transportation, Zero Waste, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, and Renewable Energy. In some combination, these solutions will form the foundation for a comprehensive energy-saving plan. The Sierra Club's web site can assist along with many other environmental web sites. What you can do a home, office and at school.

Step 4: Implement and Monitor Progress: It is essential that you put the plan into action and monitor its progress periodically. With a strong commitment, a sound plan, and real action, you and your family will be on the way toward meeting the goals of the 2% Solution Climate Reduction Pledge.


Save Energy and Money!
LADWP Increases Rebates for Many Energy Efficient Appliances and Home Improvement Products
New Rebates Go Into Effect October 1

LOS ANGELES — To help residential customers save energy and money, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) will increase many of its rebates for the most energy efficient appliances and home improvement products on the market.

Starting October 1, 2010, LADWP will raise rebate amounts for qualifying high efficiency central air conditioners, pool pumps and motors, dual pane Energy Star® windows, and recycling old refrigerators. In addition, LADWP is adding two new products that are eligible for rebates: whole-house fans and cool roofs, both of which help keep your home cooler and reduce your air conditioning costs.

"We want our customers to get the very most for their money and help them to conserve energy," said Lorraine Paskett, Senior Assistant General Manager, LADWP Sustainability Programs and External Relations. "These raises in rebate amounts are an invitation to embrace energy efficiency, save money and help the environment all at once."

The following new rebates will go into effect on October 1, 2010:

  • $500 on a high efficiency variable speed pool pump and motor
  • $100 per ton on 15 SEER and above for a central air unit or heat pump, or $120 per ton on 16 SEER and above
  • $50 for recycling an old, inefficient refrigerator
  • $2 per square foot of glass on Energy Star® dual pane windows, doors and skylights
  • $200 for a whole-house fan
  • $0.30 per square foot for a cool roof

In addition, LADWP will continue offering rebates of $65 for an Energy Star® refrigerator and $50 for an Energy Star® room air conditioner.

For more LADWP Consumer Rebate Program information and an application, visit www.ladwp.com/crp or call toll free 1-800-374-2224.

* Rebate amounts apply only to qualifying purchases made after September 30, 2010. Rebates are offered for qualifying products only. Terms and conditions apply.


Buy Organic and reasons are:

Organic farming meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

Growing organically supports a biologically diverse, healthy environment.

Organic farming practices help protect our water resources.

Organic agriculture increases the land's productivity.

Organic production limits toxic and long-lasting chemicals in our environment.

Buying organic supports small, independent family farms.

Organic farmers are less reliant on non-renewable fossil fuels.

Organic products meet stringent USDA standards.

Buying organic is a direct investment in the long-term future of our planet.

Organic farmers preserve diversity of plant species.

Organic food tastes great


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