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What People Are Saying About Wilshire Center

"The real downtown of L.A. is linear; it's Wilshire Boulevard." -Frank Gehry, Architect

"Drawn by affordable rents and a fiber-optic trunk running underneath Wilshire Boulevard, dozens of new-media companies have moved into the area, which now goes by the name Wilshire Center." -Los Angeles Business Journal,

"Nearly a decade later, the one-mile commercial district between Hoover Avenue and Wilton Place, now known as Wilshire Center, is stirring again. Office buildings that had been drained of a third of their tenants are starting to fill. Shop windows are stretched with banner signs of new retailers.", -Los Angeles Times

"Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) is becoming cool again. While many of the old apartment buildings still look much the worse for wear, others are seeing a revival as urbanites in search of a taste of the Golden Age of Hollywood start moving in.", -Los Angeles Business Journal

"Tenants looking for good value in a central location will find the Wilshire Center suitable for their needs." -Michael Dunn, The Charles Dunn Company

"Considering that the Metro Rail subway expects its average weekday ridership to swell to 125,000 by the year 2000, this expansion is promising as a catalyst for economic growth throughout Wilshire Center and all of Los Angeles County." - Larchmont Chronicle

"Wilshire Center is a shining example of the entrepreneurial spirit and cultural strength that makes Los Angeles great." - Mayor Richard J. Riordan, City of Los Angeles

"There's an abundance of [fiber-optic] supply, which makes connections cheaper and easier here [Wilshire Center]. Additionally, we're more centrally located than we thought. We're close to Hollywood and to our corporate clients in downtown." - Alan Sandler Rotor Communications

"The Wilshire Center is on the brink of a revival. The economy is booming, buildings which sat empty through the lean 1990s are filling with tenants, the Metro is finally finished and more and more people are moving here."- Larchmont Chronicle

"It's L.A.'s best kept secret, and we're slowly getting the word out for businesses to create a future here,' said Gary Russell, executive director of the Business Improvement District." -Los Angeles Business Journal

"The community [of Wilshire Center] has easy transportation access, with three Red Line stations. There's abundant space for companies to grow and parking is convenient."- John Anthony, Director of Leasing
The Charles Dunn Company

"With its spacious lobby and memorabilia from the '20s in a glass display, the Gaylord embodies the glory of the Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) area."-Los Angeles Business Journal

"Wilshire Boulevard is the backbone of Los Angeles and has always been one of its grandest thoroughfares."-Adolfo Nodal, General Manager, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

"A bright new era is emerging. The future in the Wilshire Center is as bright as the neon lights which crown the roofs of the architecturally significant buildings which line Wilshire Blvd." - Larchmont Chronicle

"Areas like this (Wilshire Center) are important, because they not only serve as incubators, but they prevent the deterioration of our cities." - Alexander Garvin, Professor of Urban Planning, Yale University

"BEST BAR: Periodically rediscovered by the hipster set, the HMS Bounty (3357 Wilshire) is the archetype of the shabby elegance to which newer nightspots like Three of Clubs and Liquid Kitty so strenuously aspire." -Los Angeles Magazine

"Already, the area's handful of historic apartment buildings, like the Gaylord and the Talmadge, are full, landlords say. Tenants are no longer primarily Hancock Park doyennes who have given up taking care of large houses. Among the new residents are actors, producers and other industry types lured by the district's proximity to Hollywood, its city views and its intricate architecture." -Los Angeles Times April 16, 1999

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