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"If you revitalize it, they will come." And come they have to Wilshire Center. Word is spreading about Wilshire Center's reasonable lease rates, availability of large office spaces, abundance of transportation choices (including three Metro Red Line stops), access to 21st century fiber optic speed, architectural diversity, numerous dining options and many other amenities and attractions. Whether it be a lunchtime outdoor concert or a night of karaoke, cosmic bowling and after-hours at a trendy bar, Wilshire Center is rapidly becoming the place to be.

And this is just the beginning. With the ongoing strong support from the Council Office and Wilshire Center Business Improvement Corporation's continued hard work, the 21st century brings many exciting developments to Wilshire Center.

Los Angeles Downtown News: Apartments from Hollywood's Golden Age Are Restored in Wilshire Center - The names ring with aristocratic glory-The Gaylord, The Langham, The Talmadge, The Du Berry-recalling a time in Los Angeles' history that has now receded into legend. As many as 70 of these structures pepper Wilshire Center...

Los Angeles Magazine stated: "Periodically rediscovered by the hipster set, the HHS Bounty (3357 Wilshire) is the archetype of the shabby elegance to which newer nightspots like Three of Clubs and Liquid Kitty so strenuously aspire. More lounge than bar, the Bounty is done up like a parlor of the an English sea captain as imagined by space-age bachelor. The free jukebox stocks everything from Tommy Dorsey to Stevie Wonder, and many of the quilted leather booths are named for famous drinkers who once occupied them - like Winston Churchill".

L.A.Times stated: "Wilshire Center is stirring again." "Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) making comeback". "a viable place for business", Russell says. "Viable, yes, real estate brokers agree, with its cleaner, safer streets". "Nearly a decade later, the one-mile commercial district between Hoover Avenue and Wilton Place, now known as Wilshire Center, is stirring again. Office buildings that had been drained of a third of their tenants are starting to fill. Shop windows are stretched with banner signs of new retailers."

L.A. Business Journal stated: "Private funds are driving area's recovery". "Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) posted one of the highest net absorption totals in L. A. County with 111,583 square feet.

L.A. Business Journal stated: "Cool. Now hipsters are flocking to its historic '20s-and '30-era apartment buildings" "Rental Renaissance - Grand apartment buildings in Mid-Wilshire (Wilshire Center) are suddenly cool again".

Larchmount Chronicle stated: "A bright new era is emerging. The future in Wilshire Center is as bright as the neon lights which crown the roofs of the architecturally significant buildings which line Wilshire Blvd. Considering that the Metro Rail subway expects its average weekday ridership to swell to 125,000 by the year 2000, this expansion is promising as a catalyst for economic growth throughout Wilshire Center and all of Los Angeles County."

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Late John Ferraro
Los Angeles City Council President

It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to offer my heartiest congratulations to the business and community leaders of the Wilshire Center as we celebrate the tremendous resurgence of this historic area.

Because of the investment of pride, commitment and hard work by so many, the Wilshire Center has become the great area it is today, with more energy, beauty and vitality than ever before.

As our city moves toward the 21st century, it's exciting to see the many positive changes that are contributing to the renaissance that is taking place in the Wilshire Center area. Because of the dynamic leadership of the community, Wilshire Boulevard is returning to its place of prominence and splendor.

The Wilshire Chamber of Commerce and the Wilshire Center Business Improvement Corporation are to be commended for their extraordinary work for the betterment of this historic and resurgent community, with its rich architectural legacy.

A myriad of projects and programs have been completed and many more lie ahead. And the results have been extraordinary. Wilshire Boulevard is truly a place of beauty, boasting of street trees and grassy medians. Pedestrians are welcomed by colorful landscaping, and traffic moves more smoothly with improved crossing and streetlights.

Again, my congratulations to all who have contributed to our city's most illustrious boulevard. Many thanks to all for their continuing Commitment to Wilshire.

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