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Wilshire Enhancement Group (WEG)

Wilshire Enhancement Group (WEG) is dedicated to increasing economic activity, livability and employment in the eastern section, east of Wilton Place, of the Wilshire Community in Los Angeles by advising, participating in, and supporting projects that improve the quality of life, thereby serving as a unique catalyst for urban enhancement.

WEG is a community-based, nonprofit 501c(3), community development corporation that engages in planning and development which contribute to the revitalization and livability of the Wilshire Community. It accomplishes this mission through the following:

Encouragement of, reinvestment in, and stabilization of the community through real estate development, commercial revitalization, homeownership, and meeting the needs of low-income households, the elderly, and the special needs population;

Encouragement of ecological, sustainable practices within new projects;

Encouragement in rehabilitating properties which provide affordable, quality housing for moderate-income families, encourages owner-occupancy and long-term residency;

Encouragement of community participation, by residents, community groups and businesses, in the planning process, fostering cooperation among the various constituencies in the Wilshire Community, and strengthening Wilshire Community as a viable residential and business community;

Encouragement of promoting a vibrant business sector which provides goods and services that meet the needs of the Wilshire Community's residents, employees, and visitors.

Encourage community-building efforts that engage people collectively with arts and humanities projects by highlight the work of artists and arts organizations through special commissioning, touring, exhibition or performance activities.

Encourage working to build an effective pluralism by seeking partnerships with organizations that bring people together across the lines that could divide them to engage in collective community problem-solving and strengthen their capacity, to network them so they may learn from one another, and to enable them to build and share useful knowledge through partnerships.

Encourage community building that enhance the educational development of children in grades K-12 and increase community and family involvement in children's educational achievement.

The central goal of the WEG is to partner with existing organizations and individuals to provide leadership in the revitalization of the Wilshire Community, this community development corporation has focused its energies on identifying important and implement able projects which will enhance the area's neighborhood revitalization, economic development and environmental improvement.   By working closely with existing organizations and individuals already focused on these goals, the WEG hopes to maximize the efforts of those interested in making positive change to Wilshire Center.

An important factor in our planning and development are the principles of smart growth. Smart growth recognizes connections between development and quality of life. It leverages new growth to improve the community. The elements of smart growth invest time, attention, and resources in restoring community and vitality to center cities. New smart growth is more town-centered, is transit and pedestrian oriented, and has a greater mix of housing, commercial and retail uses. It also preserves open space and many other environmental amenities. Successful communities do tend to have one thing in common - a vision of where they want to go and of what things they value in their community and their plans for development reflect these values. Those values include: giving the development an identifiable center and edges; building at a scale that encourages walking to destinations; offering a mix of land uses and building types; featuring a network of walkable streets (sidewalks, trees, shade); and allowing for special sites and needs (parks) and buildings for community purposes (schools, libraries, community halls, post offices).

Another important factor is to define a community where housing and all the things needed to meet the daily needs of residents are located within walking distance of one another. They call for returning to historic population densities around transit stops to provide the critical mass of people and activities in these areas needed to make transit economically viable. They call for housing which provides places to live for a variety of people within a single neighborhood instead of separating people by income level, age or family situation.

Current Projects:

Wilshire Center Bike Sharing Program
Help by participating in a survey and then fax to 213-386-5853, for more information on this Program.

A good example is Portland Bike Sharing Program.

Green Community and Bike Center

We are also exploring with CRA a green community and bike center idea at the Wilshire Vermont Station. The thought is that it could be a place where individuals can get products to save energy and water, information on recycling, composting, bike routes, bus routes, bike sharing, bike parking, and more on how to reduce one’s carbon footprint. We are looking to possibly partner with DWP, Gas Co, MTA, LA Bicycle Coalition, DOT, LA Environmental Affairs and a number of energy saving product companies. We are currently exploring a space at the Wilshire Vermont Station.

Wilshire Center Carbon Master Plan

The vision and plan is to transform the WCBID area into a thriving sustainable residential and business community will be communicated as part of the Carbon Master Plan.   Building energy efficiency, renewable energy and district heating and cooling are only part of the master plan. The Carbon Master Plan will also address water use, water and solid waste management, open space and urban farming, bicycle sharing, and public transportation.

Shatto Pocket Park

Shatto Pocket Park (current and future) is proposed along Shatto between 6th & Wilshire working with new Junior High across the street, Eco Vilage, UDLA, CRA, WCKNC and others.

For more information email gary@glrussell.com

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